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Let’s start with a tiny introduction. Last November I was in a supermarket with my friend Bambi trying to buy some snacks for our photoshoot. When she came over and handed my some tomatoes  for the bag, the conversation started.

S: „Can you please get some organic ones?“

B: „I saw them, but they come from Spain“

and the conversation went on, if it was the season for Austrian tomatoes or not, wether to buy organic or regional and what is wrapped in plastic. When I got home I told my mom about our „dilemma“. What she said then was pretty interesting: “ Sarah, if it’s not time for tomatoes in Austria the organic ones have a smaller CO2 footprint than the local ones from a greenhouse“.

Well, to be fair, I would always choose organic over local products and here are my five facts why I choose organic products not only over local but over every other products.


Organic farmers are commiting themselves not to use pesticides, fertilizers, genetically modified organisms, antibiotics and growth hormones. To be fair, the regulations in each country are different, but let’s stick to that general descricption.  Which means less of all these products are getting into our body – and you are what you eat. So I choose to be healthy and fit and not to set my body into a position where he needs to deal with all that negative substances. Fact – I hardly ever have pimpels, headache or so. I would also say I eat more than an average woman without getting fat. Why? Well, you should never ask yourself why you don’t loose weight knowing you are eating hormones through your food that are meant to make animals and plants grow 10 times faster and fatter than they actually should.

-> Better for the skin, headache, weight loss etc. and of course better for your mind and soul <3

(Bild: Caro & Chris)


As I already said, the non-organic industry pushes more and more to produce cheaper and faster every single year! So how do they do that ? All animals are fed with hormones – as I said this is bad for your body and has nothing to do with animal welfare in anyway! This is a complete torture.

Luckily organic meat and organic milk is expensive – Why do I say luckily ? First farmers are getting paid more, wich gives them time and the opportunity for more space. So animals can grow in a normal process without being fattened and calves, lambs, etc. are able to stay with there mothers for a longer period.

                                                                                                                       (Bild: Eisl Eis)

Secondly people stop eating meat every day – the value of an animal dying for us would probably increase again. It’s not necessary to eat meat every day, in fact it is even unhealthy and kills our environment by using to much water but that’s an other topic.


Not even sure if it’s animal welfare when the animal gets killed for someone else, but at least in organic productions animals have more space, chickens are not squeezed in halls where they will never see daylight and cows will eat fresh grass out in the fields. Once someone showed me his non-organic farm  telling me „Well our cows have a good life – they are able to be out in the fields 5 months a year“ Good life?! To be squeezed in a farmer’s hall the other 7 months of the year – I was so shocked that he was damn serious about what he said. But he was brought up that way and thats what we need to change, we need to change the way kids grow up, valuing the animal behind the meat and not only seeing meat wrapped in plastic at the counter. In Austria in organic farming, e.g. cows must be able to go out any time the climate conditions allow it. If they are in a free range hall they need to go out on the fields at least 120 days a year. About 10 squaremeters grassed forecourt must be given per chicken during the day.

Yes, especially for cows and pigs it’s still too little, but a step in the right direction. But guys be Aware, „organic“ standards e.g.. in Great Britain only mean „no hormones“, not a better animal welfare. So always check the packages before buying meat or buy from a local organic farmer .


An other amazing advantage of organic guidelines is that they do not allow the use diverse pesticides. Wich means less pestices get into our groundwater system and you can eat the fruits straight away – I love to buy organic berries – I just snack them without having to find a place where I can wash them before.

                                                                                                                      (Bild: Eisl Eis)

All in all I just think organic tastes better, especially the fruits and the meat. It is healthier and good for the environement. I know it is expensive, but believe me it’s worth the price and if we all think how much money we sometimes spend on unnecessary things – we should rather invest in our soulfood and I call it soulfood because my conscience is better buying organic products and I feel full with less food, because all the vitamins and nutrion grades are better.

                                                                                                             (Bild: Wild Bild)

I hope I could make you think and probably inspire to choose more organic products.

Levae me a comment how you handle these things.

Feel loved,

talk to you soon,

yours Sarah(uvm) <3 


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