Valentine’s Day

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Dear cuties <3  

So guys, tomorrow is Valentine’s Day.

Still looking for a present or something to do with your honey?

Here are my tips.

My favorite present ideas :

1.         Handmade stuff: for example letters – think about why you love your partner, write those thoughts down on little sheets of paper and put all those little letters in a nice box with some chocolate – it’s personal and shows that you took  your time to do it (and time is one of the most precious things we have)

2.         Make a coupon booklet with vouchers for a nice dinner, a massage or something similar. Think of things your loved one would like to have/do.

3.         Frame some pictures of his/her loved ones or your favorite picture of the two of you.

4.         Go for a walk in the sunshine.

5.         Take a car drive while listening to good music to your favorite place.

6.         Just cook for them and make sure you’ve got enough time for a relaxing day/evening.

7.         Last but not least: never forget to enjoy your time together and laugh.

For those of you who are in a long distance relationship either send them your box I mentioned in my first tip or hire a flower shop to deliver their favorite flowers. I know it’s old fashioned, but it’s still romantic! As you can see in the cover photo, I prefer red and white roses.

Anyways, sending your girlfriend her favorite flowers is always going to be a good choice which she will be happy with, but how about sending her another kind of flower this year with a short poem about how this flower reminds you of her because…

If you really want to buy something, go for jewellery: that’s what most women love. (This also works if you are looking for a present for your male partner. Just go for a piece of jewellery made from (vegan)leather)

And last but not least, for first dates only bring a few flowers (one to three will do) – in this case less is more.

After all those tips there is only one thing left to say: Don’t make your partner only feel wanted on that one special day. Try to surprise them every day, even if it’s “only” a cute message – make their day – everyday!!!

I hope my short advices have been useful! Let me know your tips and tricks for a perfect Valentine’s Day (Date).


Bye then, I hope you found the apple of your eye and if you haven’t found your special one yet, I’m sure you will soon.


a huge hug,

yours Sarah(uvm)<3

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